The Introduction

There are many misconceptions about the Paralympics.

Here are two of them. People think that they are there for ALL disabled people to take part. They think that disabled sport was “invented” by Ludwig Guttman at Stoke Mandeville.

This blog is about setting the record straight, it is a “voice” for the Deaflympians.

Unfortunately when we try to speak up for Deaflympians, people think we are just moaning, so the idea of Two Big Ears is to try a different approach.

We all lead busy lives and not everyone has time to stop and stare, but when they do, Two Big Ears will approach and hand them a piece of paper – we call it the “Introduction”

And this is what it says…

Two Big Ears

The Paralympics are here! The event that will change the way people think about each other. Hopefully, now, when people see a disabled person they will think of the Paralympics and think positively about people with disabilities.

If you had seen me without my Two Big Ears you would have passed me in the street and not have a clue that I am Deaf.

Deafness is a hidden disability…

Because it is hidden, it does not have an impact on you…

The Paralympians are having a great impact on everyone because you can see the disability and therefore react to it appropriately. You can immediately understand why they have a Paralympic games.

Deafness does not have the same impact and this makes it very difficult for people to understand, so in turn the Deaflympics remain hidden and misunderstood.

Although recognised by the IOC, elite Deaflympians in the UK receive no support from HM Government or the National Lottery. Every UK athlete and official attending the Deaflympics have to distract themselves from their training and preparations and spend more time on the very difficult task of fundraising.

I hope that my Two Big Ears will empower you to give your support to the GB Deaflympic team.

You can make a donation at

Funds will go to UK Deaf Sport, the registered charity (no 1111776) responsible for UK’s preparations for 2013.

FAQ about Deaflympics at

You can follow my blog Two Big Ears at

Thank you for supporting Two Big Ears.

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