Batty at the Belfry

First job of the day today – strategic planning meeting at The Belfry with Simon Kirkland of Sport Structures.

Public impressions? On the drive into The Belfry, I did wonder how the staff would react to Two Big Ears – would I be asked to remove them or leave quietly?  No problem. whatsoever. A group of ladies in the lobby saw Two Big Ears a mile away – must have been at least ten smiles in that group – I hope I made their day – I passed them a fact sheet….
Lovely couple walking past me, thanks for your smiles… fact sheet…

I found Simon in the Belfry Bar, all the business suits looking at me as i walked through. The looks on their faces….

I apologised to Simon for being 30 minutes late – explained that  had to find a pair of ears… “I cannot take you seriously with those things on”. But we did take it seriously the Two Big Ears provoked a deep conversation on the impact of last nights Opening ceremony etc.

Pass on the word Simon – you have a fact sheet….


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