How is Two Big Ears campaign getting on?

Two Big Ears is taking a coffee break from work routine. Checked the Just Giving page.

Two Big Ears had a go at Stuart Harrison and told him that he was not setting a good example by not making a donation!

Thank you to Stuart for donating !

A big thank you to Wendy (donated 31/8/12 on day 3 of the campaign) we don’t know if it was because of Two Big Ears, but thank you.

A big well done to Lisa, Nathan and Joel who needed no motivation at all over two years ago THANK YOU.

In the past 48 hours we have had 52 views an hour on this blog. Brilliant !

Why not show your support this time and make a donation.

In theory, with £10 donations visitors could have all raised over £2,000 in the past 48 hours.

Two Big Ears wants to know what would make you change your mind and donate ?

Two Big Ears is looking out for your reply!

Sorry no BSL version for this post. Coffee break over back to work!

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