Listen out for Two Big Ears on the BBC

Stuart Harrison, Vice Chair, UK Deaf Sport will be giving a radio interview on Newshour, the flagship news & current affairs programme on BBC World Service Radio.

The show will go out between 1300 and 1400 on Sunday Stuart will be joined in the studio by Rajeev Bagga, world renowned deaf badminton player, Deaflympic medalist, Commonwealth games competitor and current English badminton Age- group champion.

Contrary to comments from those in the know, this interview is not about Two Big Ears!
It will be answering questions about the Deaflympics, what they are, when they take place, why they are not part of the Paralympics and why the event seems to pass under the radar.

Somehow Two Big Ears will work out how to link this blog up to the recorded interview and hopefully will be able to provide a transcript as soon as possible afterwards.

World Service is the BBCs international radio station with a weekly global audience of over 170 million listeners.

Yes, I have booked a BSL interpreter… hopefully they don’t have a limping chicken!

Gotta go, shower, breakfast, then more Two Big Ear mayhem in my birthplace Warrington!

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