Why did you choose Rukhledev ?

A few days ago, Valery Rukhledev of Russia narrowly removed Craig Crowley to become the new president of the ICSD. 

It is a bizarre result because Rukhledev made no public commitment of his intentions or vision for the future, so what exactly have people voted for?

Perhaps you voted for Rukhledev and you can explain ? 

I wait to hear from you.



5 thoughts on “Why did you choose Rukhledev ?

  1. They didn’t actually win. Craig was winning 33 votes to 32 and that’s when the Americans who had sent an unknown person who got 8 votes then gave their votes to the Russians


      • Maybe they were just used to having an American leader so they followed along with them, however it was achieved, it’s very annoying and unfair! The Russians do not deserve those votes! They have no aspirations for the future and erghh this annoys


  2. In the murky world of sports politics, some would allege that these votes were rigged. Perhaps Panorama could make a documentary on this?!


  3. Well, there was talk of Donalda standing again for election – see her criticisms of Craig last year. So when the American candidate failed to win enough votes, their votes immediately went to Valery.

    Also Valery has the backing of Putin. Money and power talks!


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