Coming up for air.

Sunday 18th October 2015.

Two Big Ears has readers in more than half the countries around the world. People have been wondering what’s going on, why has TBE been so quiet for the past 6 months ?

Has he got lost ? Has he run out of steam ?

TBE has been diving deep, he has been holding his breath. He has not had much time to post blogs because the resources normally set aside to research new topics and talk to the world has been borrowed elsewhere to allow a new project enough time and energy to be completed.

Later on today, Two Big Ears will take it’s first step into the world of book publishing. At 11am GMT, sees the launch of a new book written in collaboration with Morag Rosie, a former Director of a UK charity Friends for Young Deaf.

The launch party will be attended by over 100 guest who spent yesterday celebrating the work of the charity known simply as “FYD” and the legacy that it has created. It takes place, most appropriately, in Stratford Upon Avon, the home-town of William Shakespeare,one of the greatest writers to have ever lived.

The book is called You Can Do It! – The FYD Story. It is written from the biographical perspective of Morag and it charts the formation and development of FYD by giving a fascinating insight into the impact of its work on both deaf and hearing young people around the world.

FYD had a massive impact on the Deaflympic Movement and when it reached Australia in 1993, the late John Lovett, former leader and President of CISS had become:

“…much more understanding that the FYD Training programme does not threaten the very existence of the Deaf Community, but can be seen as enhancing harmony between different kinds of deafness and producing leaders with positive attitudes and creating positive awareness of Deafness.”                      ( D Barry in You Can Do It! The FYD Story, page 84)

The book will soon be available to purchase and you can request an order form by emailing

Two Big Ears must dash, needs to get ready for his big moment but he will be back shortly.

Meanwhile you can follow him on twitter @FydStory

Bye for now.

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