ICSD Board removes its CEO

The Executive Board of the International Committee of Sport for the Deaf has decided to act swiftly amidst recent controversy and remove Dmitry Rebrov from his position as chief Operating Officer.

According to a copy of the minutes, which appear to be genuine and circulated to all national deaf sport organisations, the following decisions have been made:

  1. After accepting the resignation of Chen from the office of Interim President, Mr Yakup Umit Kihtir has been appointed as Chairman of the Board to ensure stability and continuity of ICSD activities and a continued smooth connection with the IOC.
  2. An interim president has not been appointed because the ICSD Constitution does not allow it to happen at this time.
  3. They have suspended Mr. Dmitry Rebrov, from duties as CEO due to unauthorised email correspondence which damaged the reputation of the ICSD due to some serious allegations that have been raised against him.
  4. Rebrov has also been removed from signing any financial papers or access to bank accounts
  5. Rebrov’s authorisation for access to all ICSD platforms including email, website and social media accounts has been shut down.

The Executive Board has decided that it will immediately begin hiring new staff to ensure continuity of activities.

The new chairman has been set the immediate task of arranging an Extraordinary Congress that will discuss the missing financial audits that have not been presented since 2018 and review the progress of the latest reform package as requested by Congress in December 2019. Congress will also elect a president since Mr Perozzolo, Vice President of World Sport is not eligible to be automatically appointed.

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