Chef de Missions Technical Inspection of Caxias Do Sul

Earlier this month, some national representatives inspected the facilities and venues of the 24th Summer Deaflympics.

With less than 4 months remaining, the organisers of the Summer Deaflympics have released videos and pictures on their social media pages to inform of the preparations

Extract from Video Introduction

The Technical Congress of the 24th edition of the Summer Deaflympics was held at UCS Teatro. The event was attended by international delegates representing participating countries, as well as technical directors of the International Committee on Sports for the Deaf (ICSD).

The meeting had plenary sessions, discussions and presentation of the competition manual book in Caxias do Sul – a reference for the delegations. Visits were also made to the game facilities, such as competition venues, training camps and the organization's headquarters, in the Festa da Uva pavilions.

The Summer Deaflympics take place from May 1st to 15th this year, in Caxias do Sul.

2 thoughts on “Chef de Missions Technical Inspection of Caxias Do Sul

  1. Still not enough information on whether the venues meet the international standards, eg swimming pool meeting FINA regulations, football with FIFA regulations, etc. It is all too vague. Also what are Brazil doing for reassurances re safety from covid? It is all very well saying there will be safety procedures in place but what exactly are the procedures, they still have not shared?

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  2. In addition to information on the participants/athletes, is there information available indicating if spectators will be permitted and/or limited?


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