ICSD has two ‘Boards’ claiming to be in control.

There are two groups of people claiming to have governance control of the International Committee of Sports for the Deaf.

The two groups fighting to control ICSD are:

The original board members voted in by Congress; Jack Lamberton, Rebecca Adam, Grigor Grigoryan, Yakup Kihtir and Marijo Lusic.

The breakaway group led by Dimitri Rebrov and Gustavo Perazzolo include Mohammad Pargar, Mohamed Madoun, Iosif Stavrakakis and Pedro Squella.

The breakaway group was formed after Chan resigned as ICSD president and the board’s refusal to promote Perazzolo to President.

Our understanding is that the original board attempted to fire Rebrov from his role as CEO and it appears that in retaliation, the board were blocked from access to ICSD files and their official email addresses.

It has taken some time for the board to regroup with temporary email addresses, a Facebook page and a new website.

Contrary to the assertions by ICSD Chair of Technical Committee, Bogard that the summer games will be held in Caxias do Sol and an Extraordinary Congress is Switzerland, the ICSD board have announced on their website that the games are now in the control of CBDS and with Sports Ministry approval will be hosting the games in Rio de Janerio, using the 2016 Olympic facilities. They are also searching for an alternative venue/version for the Extraordinary Congress.

Info about Rio and the sacking of Rebrov. here.

1 thought on “ICSD has two ‘Boards’ claiming to be in control.

  1. Hello all!

    The Organising Committee that was put together by Gustavo closed down on 12 May 2021. The costs for this arrangement cost $70,000 was approved by Dmitry Rebrov. In addition, these arrangements were not shared with the ICSD Executive Board nor were the ICSD Charter was followed. In order for the Deaflympic Games to go ahead, this must be endorsed by all Member Countries and not limited to 4 Regional Members only.

    Both Gustavo’s and Dmitry’s actions set a dangerous precedent for ICSD as they ignored protocols as well as lacked good governance.

    In addition to Gustavo’s and Dmitry’s actions, former ICSD President Kang received a violations warning from the International Olympic Committee (IOC). Unfortunately, both Kang and Dmitry were not honest with the ICSD Executive Board about what transpired. They failed in their duties to be open with information on:

    * • Progress and updates of Caixos du Sol program
    * • Violation Warning from IOC

    However Dmitry did provide information to the 4 Regional Members and excluded the ICSD Executive Board in the process.

    Ever since the collapse of the Caixas du Sol program, we have appointed an eligible ICSD Member, Confederação Brasileira de Desportos de Surdos (CBDS) to plan for the 24th Summer Deaflympic Games in Rio de Janeiro from 6th to 20th November 2022. The planning of these Games will be monitored under the ICSD Charter and the Executive Board will ensure that all protocols to deliver the Games are followed.

    Despite the ICSD Executive Board’s efforts to obtain clear and factual information from Dmitry, they received false and manipulated details. The ICSD Executive Board also asked Dmitry to provide:

    * • Updates on day to day ICSD business
    * • Financial records
    * • Expenses
    * • Anti-Doping processes and management
    * • Audiograms

    However, Dmitry refused to provide any of these details which made it difficult for the Executive Board to gain a clear picture of what was happening with ICSD and the Deaflympic Games.

    It was later found that Dmitry spent ICSD funds on his personal expenses including other expenses that were NOT approved by the ICSD Executive Board. He also manipulated financial records, data and correspondences.

    We are in a difficult position because both Dmitry and Gustavo continue to falsely represent ICSD. We sought advice from respected deaf leaders such as Donalda Ammons and Mac Adam to help us resolve this situation. Unfortunately, both Gustavo and Dmitry refused to cooperate. Despite this, we will continue to seek professional advice to resolve this matter because their behaviours is not in the best interests for deaf sports and deaf athletes across the world. The ICSD is FOR deaf and hard of hearing athletes.

    Also, the ICSD Executive Board will continue to work directly with ICSD Members to ensure that all protocols and processes are conducted fairly, professionally and according to both ICSD and IOC Charters. This includes hosting the upcoming ICSD Extraordinary Congress so that we all can have an open conversations to discuss the future.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.

    All the best.

    Grigor. Grigoryan
    Member of the Executive Committee


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