ICSD Congress and Summer Deaflympics Confusion

The two camps of the ICSD Board have now issued conflicting dates and venues for the ICSD Congress and Summer Deaflympics.

from needpix.com

The Original ICSD Board (Lamberton, Adam, Grigoryan, Kihtir and Lusic) have announced via the Brazilian Sports Federation that the Summer Deaflympic Games will be moved to Rio de Janeiro and take place in November 2022. organisers claim that they have government backing for this and Board representatives will be meeting with local and national representatives soon.

This causes confusion as the new camp (Perazzolo, Rebrov, Pargar, Madoun, Stavrakakis, Squella) still insist that the games will be in Caxias do Sol in May 2022.

Furthermore the original Board have sent out joining papers and registration forms for the Congress to take place in Istanbul 5 – 6th November 2021.

Some countries, notably, Pan-American nations (via a chain-letter) are arguing for Congress to go ahead in Lausanne on 28 – 29th November.

This news has angered many national representatives who are now so confused that they do not know who to listen to and they are also concerned that their own national funding organisations are likely to withdraw support funds if things do not sort themselves out.

We understand that some national representatives are taking no chances and filling on both sets of forms, just to play safe.

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